Government Rebate

alliance lighting government rebate

Alliance handles all government rebate programs offered by your local utility company as well as a full ROI of your project.

Our knowledge of the current available incentives is unmatched in the industry, the fact that easily places Alliance in a category of its own. We coordinate the process and ensure that your plans follow the requirements set by the utilities to secure these incentives and return the expected ROI.

Working with Alliance Lighting means:

Our experience has proven that providing improvements in lighting systems offers the biggest ROI for our customers.

Enjoy the benefits of lower utility bills while providing better lighting quality throughout your industrial complex or building. And in addition to the primary benefit of lower monthly energy bills, optimal lighting feels better on your eyes, not to mention the increase in the value of your property and worker productivity. Alliance will work with you to arrive at the perfect energy efficient lighting fixtures and components for you.

By fulfilling your lighting needs with the best LED technologies, you’ll end each month with lower operating costs and more money to invest in the profit-generating aspects of your business. Our onsite assessments begin with a thorough inspection of your premises for potential savings and lighting improvement opportunities. Your helpful, friendly lighting specialist will fill you in on the latest information about incentives, write-offs and rebates.

You’ll receive a breakdown of the most energy efficient industrial lamps, ballasts and bulbs applicable to your unique needs and circumstances. From initial energy assessment to rebate advisement, Alliance implements the best solutions to the unique needs of your business.